Getting started with Viralize is easy. Once you have registered a Publisher account, simply create an Ad Unit and embed it on your site. Your site will be detected automatically and once approved you will start earning revenue. 

We recommend new publishers and basic users choose Ad Units with Automatic Delivery, these are prepackaged, ready-to-use Ad Units that provide maximum flexibility and earning potential to any publisher. The Ad Unit will automatically pick the highest-earning video campaigns that are also relevant to your site's visitors. 

Advanced users please read this article.

1. Register an account as a Publisher.

2. Login to your console.

3. Visit the section Ad Units.

4. Create an Automatic Delivery Ad Unit by choosing from the formats available. At the moment Viralize has Video in Picture, InText, Interstitial, In-Stream, and Display for you to choose from. Since each format offers a high earning potential and compatibility, choose the format that best compliments the characteristics of your site design and your personal taste. All formats are equally compatible with mobile and desktop traffic and fully responsive. 

5. Click the button that says Get Code”.

6. Copy and paste the Ad Unit HTML code onto your website. 

For advanced users or publishers already familiar with video advertising who want to create a customized Ad Unit please read this article.  

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