Automatic Ad Delivery

By choosing Automatic Ad Delivery, your player is optimized for revenue earning based of the properties of your Site(s) and the Campaigns available, thus eliminating issues surrounding device targeting.

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Single Campaign Ad Delivery

By choosing a Single Campaign Ad Delivery, the Campaign you have selected will be visible to your site visitors regardless of their location. You will only earn revenue when your site visitor's location corresponds with one of the countries targeted by the Campaign.

With this Ad Delivery type you have two delivery options available:

    • The first creates a situation where once the chosen Ad has completed its run you will no longer earn revenue, even if the advertisement continues to appear on your player. By choosing this option you will be notified via email when a campaign terminates in time for you to select a new campaign or switch to Automatic Ad Delivery. 

  • The second option, which we recommend, allows the Single Campaign Ad Unit to continue generating revenue by filling it with automatically chosen Open Market advertisements once the selected campaign has exhausted its budget.

You can choose the option that works best for you by toggling the option "Automatic Ad Delivery for non-target audience viewers".

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