The Report section shows an overview of how your Ad Units are performing.

Below you find a short summary of our current metrics (some of them may be report-specific):

Ad Unit Requests: the number of times an ad is requested to our servers on page load.

Impressions: the number of times an Ad is delivered. Only some of your site's page views will result in impressions and register the delivery of an Ad. Not every page view of your site will result in an Ad being shown.

Fill rate: the ratio between Impressions and Ad Unit Requests.

Clicks: the number of times a user clicks on a video playing.

CTR (Click Through Rate): the ratio between Clicks and Impressions.

Complete Views: the number of times a video has been viewed through completion.

VTR (View-Through Rate): the percentage of Impressions that result in complete video views.

eCPM (effective Cost per Thousand): the total earnings every 1000 Impressions.

Revenues: revenue earned.