A number of different statuses may be visible in the Reports section based on your tax status and payment stages.

Missing Data:* Your account is ready to be paid but there is invoice information missing. Publishers who invoice Viralize must insert their invoice number onto the related document, which is available in the Finances tab of the console.

Under Review:* Your information is being reviewed by our staff.

Waiting:* Viralize is waiting to receive your invoice for Occasional Professional Services. Please forward your invoice to invoice@viralize.com.

Payment Pending: As of the 20th of each month, if all pertinent documents have been received (for businesses is in Italy), we can proceed with invoices validation. By the end of the month the payment process will be unlocked.

Paid: Viralize has made a payment. Please allow for processing time dependent on the payment method chosen under Settings.

*Only applicable to clients who invoice Viralize.