You can follow some very simple advices to maximize your earnings:

  • Choose a format that integrates best with your site’s design;
  • Avoid embedding more than one Ad Unit on your page: this could make your site's user experience worse. Our formats are designed and constantly improved based on our Publishers' feedback. This is why we usually suggest our Publishers to embed only one Ad Unit per page. If you feel confident and have a very clean site with minimal design, you may try embedding two Ad Units on a page ensuring you mix two different formats which can coexist in the same page, for example InStream plus Interstitial or Video in Picture.

Here is a guide to Viralize formats selection:

InText offers the highest earning potential on web magazines and blogs, as it can be embedded within an article and disappears once viewed. This is the most visually appealing and popular format we offer. See Viralize InText demo.


Video in Picture is a high earning yet subtle format that meets the needs of both Advertisers and Publishers. This format offers a high viewability while remaining discreet, and minimizing distraction. This format adapts well to all site designs as it layers on top of your site’s content. 

See Viralize Video in Picture demo.

Interstitial offers versatility, high impact and high earning potential as the advertisements appear on top of website content. See Viralize Interstitial demo.

Display is as effective as a banner ad, but more engaging. This ad type will take up a fixed advertising position in the sidebar and is always visible. This format is a great option for publishers that want to use a static banner fallback. See Viralize Display Banner demo.


For any of the formats above, a good practice is to add a Fallback (or Passback) code by creating a customized Ad Unit, so you can earn revenues in case no campaigns are available in-target on Viralize network.

If you have your own video player embedded in your site you can opt for InStream. You will get a VAST code to run pre-roll ads before your site’s video content. This format layers well with all Viralize Ad Units such as Video in Picture and Interstitial.